The name “Sandy Sara” is a combination of Sandy and her grandmother Sara. Sara is the inspiration and enlightenment for the fashion career of Sandy. The sound of spinning from Sara is the warm company for Sandy’s childhood. Sara is enthusiastic about the reconstruction of vintage clothes and fabrics. She has arranged most of clothes and shape for young Sandy, and she also took Sandy to many fabric markets and vintage markets. In addition, Sara is a devout believer and she took Sandy to visit and travel to many churches. Sandy was also fascinated by the design and culture of Italian churches. These experiences had a profound impact on Sandy's fashion career.

Expansion of her trade came through work at various fashion houses in Italy, where her impact is still evident. Through the last seven years in Florence and Milano, Sandy´s exposure to the Italian mills, fabrics and factories inspired her to indulge in a long-term passion to design and produce a collection around a basic style she has always cherished, a woman´s classic one-piece dress.
Sandy Sara was launched in October 2013, it embodies the personal style pf designer Sandy Chow, origin and concept was to make fashion more elegant and to make elegance more fashionable.

Sandy Chow, was born in Singapore and raised in Florence, Italy. She graduated from the Istituto Marangoni and merchandising in Florence and Milano majored in her dream career, Fashion Design. After working of 5 years in fashion industry, moved to Milano with her husband in 2013. At the same year, Sandy Sara Studio established.
The luxurious cotton fabrics available in Italy, such as poplin and oxford, the wonderful trims and details, and exceptional craftsmanship naturally led Sandy to creatively design a collection consisting of innovative and elegant dresses, skirts, and evening dress, while maintaining the essence of the timeless women’s classic garment.
The elegance is not about the quantity of garments and accessories or wealth.
People would like to add more value to elegance because of the daily joy and confidence it brings.

Sandy Sara’s scope ranges from eveningwear to one-piece dress and outerwear collections, using a wide variety of materials and techniques. In addition, some of her creative process begins with a discovery period at local vintage shops where she uncovers styles and silhouettes from bygone eras that can be reimagined as contemporary pieces. Using her signature technique, she cuts and contours each idea into bold shapes.
Elegante, l'eternità,
ricca di influenza
“I would like to use three words to describe Sandy Sara in Italian: Elegante, l'eternità, ricca di influenza.” Sandy said, “The thing that Sandy Sara left us is better than fashion, we are used to calling it as style. Ans there is always a special period in every woman's life. During this time, the thoughts about young and beautiful are all surrounded by style and elegance.”
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